Is every light handmade to order?

Yes, we can create your luminaire from just a thought. We’re good at translating ideas into reality (although there may have to be some changes to the design in order to achieve your goal).

Why do you hand deliver?

We take great pride in the beauty of our creations so like to ensure that every lamp arrives as it left the Copperworks – perfect! Plus, we love to see the joy on the client’s face when they see the completed piece of elegance for the first time. Smaller luminaires, such as the Curly, can be safely posted, but bigger pieces, such as the Rib Cage would be delivered.

What if I don’t like my copper-art light?

That won’t happen because we work together throughout, from concept to completion. We only start crafting your lamp once you approve the finer detail and creative options.

How do I know you can create my vision?

We’ve never been defeated yet. If we can make a spider’s web light and a rib cage lamp, the possibilities are endless. Put us to the test, we love a challenge.

As an interior designer, can I commission a luminaire for my clients?

Why, yes of course. We can work directly with interior designers and boutique home interior providers to develop elegant luminaires they know their clients will love.

What is the typical cost?

Each copper-art light is handcrafted from your thoughts. Once we have established all the finer details and options, we can confirm the cost, which all depends on your unique concept and requirements. We ask for a non-refundable deposit.

Where can I buy replacement light bulbs from?

Upon delivery of your luminaire, we will provide you with details on where you can purchase replacement bulbs.